The work we have completed speaks for us!

Our employees could work separately or as a team for your company. Depending on the number of workforce needed we could provide you a multi-lingual contact person to supervise the personnel and to provide easy communication. In case we succeeded in directing your interest towards our company and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to prepare you an offer to you, completely unbinding.

Some of the finished jobs:

The marine industry projects we worked on:

Other marine projects
  • Megayachts

    Project Dockyard Place
    Golden Odyssey Blohm & Voss Hamburg - Germany
    Lady Anne Blohm & Voss Hamburg - Germany
    Boat 404 San Fernado Cadiz - Spain
    Maridome M. Ship Yard Malta
    Berzinc Ship Yard Urk - The netherlands

  • Containerships

    Project Dockyard Place
    Anne Sibum SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    Grete Sibum SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    MS Hermes SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    MS Ulysees SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    Penelope SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    Stefan Sibum SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    Julia Isabel Bredo GmbH Bremerhaven - Germany

  • Passengerships

    Project Dockyard Place
    Albatros Blohm & Voss Hamburg - Germany
    AIDA CARA Blohm & Voss Hamburg - Germany
    Dan Swift Blohm & Voss Hamburg - Germany
    MS Musica ALSTOM St. Nazaire - France
    Pride of America Lloyd Bremerhaven - Germany
    P&O Cruises Meyer Papenburg - Germany
    Royal cruise line Meyer Papenburg - Germany

  • The other marine projects

    Project Type Dockyard Place
    Fregatte Köln Frigate Blohm & Voss Hamburg - Germany
    Maersk Curlew Platform Blohm & Voss Hamburg - Germany
    Feederbaltic Car-transporter D:H: Roland Bremen - Germany
    MV Schieborg Car-transporter SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    Nils Holgerson Ferryboats SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    Peter Pan Ferryboats SSW Bremerhaven - Germany
    Superfast Ferryboats Flenderwerft Lübeck - Germany
    Larbi Ben M’ Hidi Tanker Blohm & Voss Hamburg - Germany
    Tanker P32 Tanker ALSTOM St. Nazaire - France
    MS Kalmit Tanker Duisburg - Germany

The other industrial projects we worked on:

Project Type Place
Rohrbrücke - Corrosionprotection Steel- and Bridgebuildings Bochum - Germany
Rheinbrücke (B58)- Corrosionprotection Steel- and Bridgebuildings Wesel - Germany
Lockwitztalbrücke (A17)- Corrosionprotection Steel- and Bridgebuildings Dresden - Germany
Pilsachtalbrücke (A3)- Corrosionprotection Steel- and Bridgebuildings Neumarkt Pilsach - Germany
Gauchachtalbrücke- Corrosionprotection Steel- and Bridgebuildings Döggingen - Germany
MS Europa - Lloyd Werft Groundcoating Bremerhaven - Germany
Balkone (Triflex-System) Groundcoating Köln - Germany
Hochtank - VEBA Werk Groundcoating Gelsenkirchen - Germany
Refinery - Shell Heide Groundcoating Hemmingstedt - Germany
BayArena General / Industry Leverkusen - Germany
RWE Kraftwerk General / Industry Ibbenbüren - Germany
BWR Blumenthal General / Industry Bremen - Germany
FD-Tank Rheingang General / Industry Duisburg - Germany
Müllverbrennungsanlage General / Industry Frankfurt - Germany
Garbage Factory General / Industry Leuna - Germany
HITACHI Power Europe General / Industry Malmö - Sweden
Infra Serv GmbH & CO. KG General / Industry Hürth - Germany
Kraftwerke Irsching 4+5 General / Industry Irsching - Germany
RWE Kraftwerk General / Industry Neurath - Germany
Marchwood CCGT General / Industry Marchwood - England
Müllverbrennungsanlage General / Industry Uddevalla - Sweden
MVA General / Industry Bonn - Germany
Oil Tanks General / Industry Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Olkiluoto 3TI General / Industry Olkiluoto - Finland
RWE General / Industry Köln - Germany
RWE General / Industry Bergheim - Germany
RZR Müllverbrennung General / Industry Herten - Germany
SHELL Refinery General / Industry Holstein - Germany
Smurfit Paper General / Industry Aalen - Germany
Tank General / Industry Kaltenkirchen - Germany
Tank General / Industry Amsterdam - The Netherlands


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