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International Surface Protection sro. is specialized in the field of surface protection and corrosion protection for wind energy, shipping and industry. Beyond that, we are one of the best in the field of yacht-finishing. Our professional staff have specific qualifications and long-term experience in their fields.

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Some of the job specific services provided:

  • Application of high-quality anti-corrosion protection systems
  • Airless coating
  • Treatment and coating of Super-Yachts
  • Primer
  • Coating of complete wind power station
  • Sandblasting / Dry / Ice / CO2
  • High-pressure washing
  • Mechanical rust removal
  • Tank cleaning and coating
  • Floor coating
  • Isolation (industry and marine)
  • Fire protection
  • Universal cleaning



Some applications:

Wind Energy
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    Wind Energy

    The worldwide demand for renewable energy, hence for wind energy is increasing steadily. Due to climate change, it is very important to build new ones and to maintain the existing plants. Meanwhile, International Surface Protection sro. has established her reputation all over Europe as a competent partner regarding first coating or repair work of your complete wind power station (tower and rotor blades). You can rely on our expert team which is trying hard to meet the technical requirements of your projects.

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    International Surface Protection sro., your partner with an expert team having experience of many years in professional anti-corrosion protection, e.g. for passenger ships, highspeed- ferries, tanker, car ferries, frigates and corvettes. Our service also includes coating-work for oil platforms which is to protect against salt water and environmental impacts. We employ the most effective corrosion protection methods in order to offer the best possible solution for your requirements.

    • Super yachts
    • Passenger vessels
    • Highspeed-Ferries
    • Container-Ships
    • Tankers
    • Frigates
    • Corvettes

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    International Surface Protection sro. focuses on the protection and surface coating of the steel surface as well as internal treatment, e.g. constructions like industrial plants, halls, bridges, steel pipelines, tanks, cisterns etc. You can count on us regarding flexibility and trust in our competency and motivated staff.

    • Powerplants
    • Incinerators
    • Refineries
    • Airports
    • Arenas
    • Bridges
    • Platforms
    • Industrial corrosion protection


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