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At International Surface Protection sro. our motto is “only the high quality, highly valued and constant services are the basis for long-term and mutual collaboration with our clients ”. That is the reason for us to believe that the health relationships with the customers will go on for many many years.

We are experienced...

Despite of the company's short existence, International Surface Protection sro. could refer to its very successful past of their partners. From the very beginning the company relies on the experience and knowledge of the two managers and the employees. Our professional staff have specific qualifications and long-term experience in their fields.

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There are many reasons to work together.

One of the major advantages of International Surface Protection sro. is the fact that our customers have quick access to our services. It means, that we could offer you our specialists in the shortest time required in order to implement your contracts. Our great flexibility allows us to react quickly to the requirements of our customers. In case a customer needs workforce in a short period of time, we could provide it immediately without problems. We have the experience and knowledge needed to implement complete as well as partial projects.

Our employees are equipped with specific knowledge and skills enabling them to be flexible so they could be occupied all over Europe.

There is no need for our contractors to establish new companies for newly acquired foreign projects, and there is no need for them to deal with foreign authorities.

Where we are serving...

  • The Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France

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